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Specification Review and Evaluation

Contract specification locks-in the final product design and therefore is a critical component of any project. It is vitally important that the contract specification
More... encompasses all necessary and applicable requirements to meet project specific needs before contract specification is signed. Omissions or subsequent alterations have a significant cost and schedule ramifications. Review by an independent consultant can avoid or minimize cost overruns and help keep projects on schedule.


On-Site Supervision of Construction

Owner representation on site is key for the monitoring of quality, workmanship and safety standards. For the owner, this can eliminate, or minimize,
More... the quality issues that arise from the common builder practice of outsourcing fabrications of structure and outfitting to 3rd party sub-contractors. Builders do have their own Quality Management programs and resources, but it is neither prudent nor advisable to rely solely on them due to potential conflict of interest.


Shipyard Facility Evaluation

We can visit a shipyard at owner’s specific request, as a due diligence exercise, to examine the facilities and resources they have and report on their capability to undertake and execute a project.


Training and Refresher Seminars

We can tailor informative continuing-education lectures, presentations and seminars targeted at technical staff, particularly on the most current developments in hull structural engineering.


Confirmation of Builder’s Plan (Plan Review)

Builders submit plans to owners for review and confirmation of compliance with the specification requirements.
More... A detailed and careful review is necessary as builders’ plan often contain errors and omissions, primarily due to lack of coordination among different design departments. These errors and omissions must be detected and rectified in the plan review/confirmation stage, which can be achieved through regular review and timely discussions with a builder’s design department.


Selection of Builder

Timely completion and delivery of the asset (a ship or an offshore unit) is critically important for any project. Delays cause financial and other losses.
More... Our knowledge of the competencies, reliability and track records of builders worldwide will aid in the selection of a builder that not only keeps to schedule and budget, but delivers a quality product that adheres to international Quality and Safety Standards.


Selection of major equipment

Reliability of machinery and equipment is a key success factor for continuous performance without any unplanned downtime. This requires the selection of the machinery equipment based on their service.

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  • We focus on the highly specialized market of ships and mobile offshore structures newbuilding projects and major conversions.

  • We offer consultancy services customized to every client’s specific requirements for example Specification Review and Evaluation; Confirmation of Builder’s Plan (Plan Review); On-Site Supervision of Construction; Selection of Builder; Shipyard Facility Evaluation; Selection of major equipment etc.

  • We can tailor make lectures and seminars for technical staff to update their knowledge especially on hull and structural aspects.

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